I’m Debbie and I have been working with Jeff now for over two years and LOVE taking pictures of people enjoying themselves.

For me photography is little to do with the things we see and everything to do with the way we see them. It’s all about observation, finding the extraordinary in what seems to be ordinary, and then capturing every little part of it.

I have a bit of an obsession with close ups and I’m drawn, like a magpie, to light playing on glassware, soft colouring of flowers and the tiny details on rings or dresses. To provide people with a collection of memories, they will treasure for ever, is a privilege which I will never grow tired of.


I originally trained as a wedding and portrait photographer but expanded into commercial studio photography and, latterly, national news and sports photogra- phy. I was commissioned, on a daily basis, by major companies and corporations and every daily national newspaper in the UK.

My years of working as a photographer, and running a successful agency, means I know what it takes to get eye-catching images. After 30 years I still enjoy cap- turing that split second, filled with emotion, that defines you, and I still get a buzz out of seeing a picture in print. For me, it is about what I can do for your wedding, or anything else you need images for.

We shoot in digital so the switch between colour and monochrome is technically seamless these days, but it’s another way of looking at things and I enjoy the different point of view it gives.